Re-editable code

Once in a while when I have an idea I look around to see if others have the same idea. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Most of the time the majority opinion is almost the exact opposite. But every so often I’m vindicated Continue reading

schizophrenic companies

I have finally figured out why all big companies are so schizophrenic. By schizophrenic I mean if you are at a certain level of the hierarchy then all the movements around you seem completely out of whack. You see different groups working against each other instead of cooperatively developing cool technologies and delivering value to the customer. The reason for all of it is what I’m calling the “portfolio theory of management”. Continue reading

haters gonna hate

Coders gonna code. Designers gonna design. Project managers gonna manage. Architects gonna architect. Vice presidents gonna vice preside, etc. The point is that if you have 10 designer, or 10 coders, or 10 project managers then they are all gonna do what you are paying them to do. None of them will stop and think for a minute that there isn’t work for 10 designers, 10 coders, or 10 project managers.

programmer types

There are many posts on programmer types but this one is mine.

Most programmers are individually smart but once you put them in a group they become dumb because all their smarts are diverted to figuring out how to show everyone else that they are smart. Once in a while though you come across programmers that are not just smart individually but also smart when you put them in a group. This is rare and I don’t know how it happens but such programmers are usually the easiest to work with and in general just get things done. If you want to advance your career then seek out the programmers that are not just smart individually but also smart in groups because those guys will have your back.