programmer types

There are many posts on programmer types but this one is mine.

Most programmers are individually smart but once you put them in a group they become dumb because all their smarts are diverted to figuring out how to show everyone else that they are smart. Once in a while though you come across programmers that are not just smart individually but also smart when you put them in a group. This is rare and I don’t know how it happens but such programmers are usually the easiest to work with and in general just get things done. If you want to advance your career then seek out the programmers that are not just smart individually but also smart in groups because those guys will have your back.

productivity mumbo-jumbo

Once in a while somebody on r/programming or programmers.stackexchange will ask about productivity enhancing tips and tricks. The resulting barrage of information is always the same and completely devoid of actual productivity enhancing tricks. Almost surely somebody mentions Vim or Emacs, another mentions some functional language like Haskell, a few more might mention books like SICP. Honestly, it’s all bullshit. The number one productivity enhancing trick is learning to think slowly and clearly. That’s it. Not Vim, not Emacs, not Haskell, not Python, not C, not C#, not Java, not whatever else. Sit down, think, write a solution, implement it. The tools you use to accomplish the implementation phase don’t matter one bit. If you can’t think clearly then no tool out there will make things any better.