Here are rules for a new game. Here is how it compares to some old games and some of the benefits and drawbacks. Here is why you should play and other similar games that you might like.

If you try to change the rules then existing players will treat you with extreme prejudice and strongly (potentially violently) recommend you play some other game.

All games are inherently mutable and meta-games are what keep them “stable”. Somewhat unsurprisingly, no one understands the meta-game logic and all players follow meta-game rules implicitly. Meta-game rules are only ever broken by accident. Cosmic bit flips, if you will, are inevitable.

There is strong suspicion there is more than one meta-game.

There is also strong suspicion meta-game rules are immutable so changing meta-games requires simultaneously changing all the rules which makes it a much bigger discontinuous change than just changing a single rule in a regular game.

In the presence of rigid meta-games it’s easy to imagine why regular games would be an obvious way to experiment with potential meta-game swaps. Meta-players would want reasonable assurance their game changes were “beneficial” to them according to some metric.

Most reasonable game players eventually conclude meta-games and meta-players must exist but it’s hard to know for sure because some reasonable players are willing to admit meta-games without meta-players.