More augmentation, less automation

The emphasis in the DevOps ecosystem on automation instead of augmentation annoys me to no end. These people preach culture and enlightenment and yet the most fundamental observation escapes them. Tools must be subordinate to human intentions and not the other way around. This also goes for culture. Culture is another organizational tool. Lightweight culture consists of platitudes and agile certificates. Real culture is hard work. Real culture requires discipline and something fundamental that’s more than paying agile coaches that tell you to break down silos. Sociotechnical systems must be structured to place people in the main loop. Tools must augment and compliment human capabilities. Seeking to replace humans with automation only leads to misery and heartache. No amount of agile coaching can teach you how to design systems that put humans in the main loop. Only way to do that is to make that a foundational organizational principle and follow through. You don’t need to pay someone for that insight.