well-typed vignettes

I present to you some well-typed programs along with associated run-time and compile-time errors for pondering the meaning of well-typed. The context was me trying to understand the meaning of the quote “Well-typed programs cannot go wrong”. The exercise was illuminating for me but when I started writing explanations they got a little too philosophical so I’m just going to present the code and the errors. Continue reading

A Day in the Life of a Programmer

The Ideal

You wake up full of ideas about new features and capabilities that can theoretically be added to the product you are working on. Several of these new features generalize existing functionality and get rid of corner cases that have been getting consistently flagged as bugs by users. The features and their underpinnings have been incubating for a while now and you’ve been working on sketches, mock-ups, and prototype code over the last few weekends. Continue reading